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Hello, I’m Melissa Friesen.  My work as a holistic health coach is centered on helping my clients break free from their back pain. Having lived with it myself for over 15 years, I know just how frustrating it can be trying to find what works. Fortunately I was able to find the right solutions not only for myself but for the many clients that I’ve helped.

I know you have a dream, too, to live a more pain-free life.  So, let’s work together and make that vision a reality and get you back to enjoying the things you love and miss!

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Freedom from your back pain is possible…

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One step at a time…

You can regain that joy and bring meaning back to your life.  I will guide you towards learning…

  • Why you are still in pain and how you are going to get better.
  • About the different types of pain so you can identify your dominant type.
  • How to restructure your pain system so you can establish a healing foundation.
  • Mind-body practices which will be your toolkit of techniques to eliminate your pain.
  • How your brain plays a huge role in your healing.

These 5 STEPS will guide you on your path to living pain free with ease.

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Let's talk!

Book your complimentary Freedom Call.  During this life-changing session you will gain clarity on the fastest route to finding freedom from your back pain and discover how working with me will save you great deal of time, money and suffering on your journey to a healthy life.

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Coaching Services

1:1 Coaching

What You Get...

Weekly sessions for 90 days where we uncover imbalances in your mind-body and apply healing techniques to develop your personal pain relief plan.

4 Week Extension

Perfect For You If...

You want to extend your coaching services on a month to month basis for additional support or do a deeper dive into problem areas.

Group Coaching

Get All The Benefits

You’re ready to create your pain-free lifestyle through weekly group live calls limited in size so it is a confidential place to share lessons.

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Client Love

I worked with Melissa on my low back pain and calf pain.  I was getting adjusted and taking supplements but they didn't get better. Melissa found several trapped emotions and worked on my perception of how I viewed things.  Muscle testing the body to find where the body has interference is amazing.  Melissa does great work and I would recommend her to anyone.  Thanks Melissa

Dr. Joel; Aurora, NE

My back has felt real good the last couple days down to #1. Thank you and many blessings for your work and success moving forward. (Mary’s back pain started at a 5-6 and this was after 3 sessions.  She used her fourth session for another issue.)

Mary; Portland, OR

I had a session with Melissa the summer of 2015. She found and released several trapped emotions that helped me to decide against a life changing transition of accepting the offer from the peace corps to work in Africa. It was the right decision. Thank you again.

Marilyn; Chandler, AZ

My pain level is down from a 9/10 to a 5. My legs are doing so much better. I am able to move better. I can clean my house. I can walk better. Thank you so much for helping me Melissa.

Tracy; Grand Island, NE

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